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Site Of The Week: FreewareNow.com
Win95 WinNT Win3.x

This site is one, if not the, best designed site I've ever seen! It has tons of free software, and is easy to navigate! Includes: Graphical Apps, HTML Apps, Multimedia Stuff, Organizational Apps, Utilities, Drivers, Themes, Programming Tools, and lots more.

Top 10 Freeware Sites

Rank Site Name
1 FreewareNow.com - The Web's Hottest Free Software
2 NoNags
3 The 100 Shareware/Freeware Links!
4 32 Bit.com
5 Freeware32.com
6 Freesoft97.com
7 FreewareHome.com
8 The Freeware Source
9 Doug's Freeware And Freeware Links!
10 Currently Empty :( ......Why Not Trade Links W/Us!?


Free Screen Savers

Name Size Screen Saver Description
The Unofficial Calvin & Hobbes Screensaver 80K The Unofficial Calvin & Hobbes Screensaver version 1.1 is now ready for distribution! More images to float around your screen when you are at lunch!
Shade Dancers Screen Saver 28K This everchanging swirl of subtle colors will mezmorize you. Looks best in the dark.
Hillary's Hair Screen Saver 7K A Windows95 screen saver dedicated to the First Lady and that fanatastic web site, hillaryshair.com!
Alicia Silverstone Screen Saver 493K Screen saver starring the beautiful Alicia Silverstone.
Star Wars Screen Saver 128K Star Wars Screen Saver with Midi Music. Needs VB40032.dll.
Words of Wisdom 140K Great screen saver without graphics. Over 850 cool quotations.
Moody Puffer Screen Saver 2349K Animated puffer screen saver with music. This screen saver is dedicated to fish lovers everywhere.
The Unofficial Quake Screen Saver 2400K When the screen saver is running you see an oblique view from one of the corners of the room that's the entrance to Quake. Everything is animated just as it is in the game. Torches flicker, damned souls squirm on the walls, lightning flashes and, occasionally, a Quake gamer teleports in and runs off through one of the start portals to begin a game of mayhem elsewhere in the labyrinth.
The Way Cool AVI Screen Saver Engine 1700K Easier to redistribute! You may use this Way Cool AVI Screen Saver Engine to display or sell your animations as screen savers, for free! This version plays any AVI Video, with sound support and ability to change background colors! Includes online help and a great setup program!
Thoth's Place Screen Saver ??? Thoth's Place is a site dedicated to applying the power of the Internet to learning. It is directed towards all Students, Teachers and Parents. This is their own Windows95 Screen Saver.
Star Burst 10K Screensaver. Fireworks in outer space.
X-plode Screensaver 24K Screensaver. Watch your screen blow up into little bits and pieces.
Bouncing Bitmaps! Screen Saver 124K Bouncing Bitmaps! is a 32-Bit screen saver for Windows95 and NT 4.0 that allows you to pick your own .BMP file and bounce it around on the screen. It installs as a Windows95 component, and has full un-install support. Bouncing Bitmaps! also supports the Windows95 preview window and password functions.
Rain Screen Saver 159K This will display raindrops from a shower that will appear as if they were about 6 ft. away from you. Neat and easy to use. Setup program is included.
Babies.zip 460K 2 screensavers for W95, including: Baby in Toyland and Baby in Waterworld.
Classic Quotes Screen Saver 114K Now you can see your favorite quotes from DigiDay's 365 Days of Classic Quotes in a colorful slide show. Includes customization options like color transitions, time cycles and more.
DirectX Screen Saver 94K This is a collection of several screen savers that all make use of DirectX to draw lots to the screen fast. You will need to have DirectX installed on your machine already, as it is not included in the zip file. If you are into particle systems, then you will love this.
Suldanna Screen Saver 948K Killer new screen saver from Suldanna Bay Software. It's FREE, EXCELLENT and allows the user put togethor their own favourite photo album in space saving JPEG file format with awesome effects. Try it, you'll like, you can make amazing slide shows of your garden, racing, boating to breakup the winter, favourite flowers, Business Advert's, famous artwork, hobbies etc.
The Ted Shred Screen Saver 2560K Get ready for extreme interaction. Download a copy of the new Ted Shred Screen Saver. The same screen saver that was distributed at E3 at the IBM booth.
Bundaberg Rum Screen Saver 480K Take home the Bundy screen saver featuring the Bundy Bears. Give it to your friends, impress your work mates, amaze your parents.
Loch Ness Monster Screensaver 134K When loaded, your screen will become the dark cold water of the loch and - if you watch carefully - you will be rewarded with a glimpse of Nessie.
Flying Smilies Screen Saver 15K A modified version of the flying Windows Screen Saver, this instead shows flying smily faces.
Swarmer Screen Saver 134K Swarm95 is a little screen saver for Windows 95 which depicts a wasp being chased by a swarm of bees. It's a very simple little algorithm, but a really interesting effect.
Holodeck 3 screen saver 282K Randomly displays animated LCARS/Okudagram (computer interface used on Star Trek: The Next Generation) on your screen. VB RunTime files required.
Chicago Bulls Screen Saver 1600K A Screen Saver for all of the Chicago Bulls Fans out in cyberspace. The saver works best with a 256 color display and a sound card but thay are not required.
The Unofficial X-Files Screen Saver Player 265K Supports add-on modules that are actually animated X-Files screen savers! The player allows you to play X-Files MIDI music and CD Audio. Try it with the new "Songs in the Key of X" CD! The xplayer.zip includes one screen saver module to get you started.
Venus 282K This demo is actually a Windows Screen saver featuring a 3D animated sculpture of the Venus de Milo. The animation sculpture rotates and bounces off the edge of your screen.
Stephen King's Green Mile Screen Saver 400K Neat screen saver based on Stephen King's latest work, The Green Mile. Have the Green Mile haunt your desktop forever!
Gravity Screen Saver 22K Another Windows 95 screen saver simulation of 1 to 30 point masses attracted by gravity.
UFO Screen Saver 88K They're OUT there.......
Weird Wally Screen Saver 150K A cartoon-based screen saver that lets you get in on the action.
Rotor Screen Saver 40K Spirograph screen saver from the Paul McAvoy collection.
Swarm Screen Saver 25K Swarm of bees screen saver from the Paul McAvoy collection.
Quix Screen Saver 24K Dancing lines screen saver from the Paul McAvoy collection.
Gravity Screen Saver 44K Solar system screen saver from the Paul McAvoy collection.
Water Spot Screen Saver 48K Water Spots screen saver that lets you turn the screen saver into art.
Gnatts Screen Saver Collection 92K Screen saver inspired by the compeling X screen saver, XSWARM.
Worms Screen Saver 19K Worms crawling around your screen.

For More Free Screen Savers, Visit FreewareNow.com